Monday, March 4, 2013

Life sure has a way of passing by so fast. The wedding was in September. They sure made a beautiful bride and groom. These are a couple of my favorite pictures. 1st one looks like Stacey is holding a groom balloon. I am so happy that my son has married a woman that completes him. They are so perfectly matched. She has accepted my grandkids as her own and they adore their new stepmom, even though she is so much more than a stepmom. They make each other so happy and as a mother that is all I can ask for. They took 8 days and honeymooned in Jamaica. I had the pleasure of spending those 8 days caring for Mercy and Jt. We had a great time. By the end of the week I was ready for them to come home and take over the parenting and to sleep in my own bed. It was a beautiful wedding of two beautiful people. Stacey not only got a husband, she gained a whole family and we gained a lovely daughter in law. Now I just hope they can add another grandchild or 2 to the bunch!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hard to believe that Jt and Stacey's wedding in next month. I am getting excited for the big event. I wonder if I will cry? I wish my mom and dad were still with us to be there. Stacey got to meet my mom, but I wish she could have met my dad. He was a great guy. Life has a way of working out. Even when we think it never will. This union between these two people is a gift from God for me and my son and grandkids. We are all lucky to be able to share this day with those we love.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

County Fair 2012

 Mercy at the entrance to the 4-H county  fair. We accompanied JT, Stacey and the kids to the fair this year. We had a great time watching the kids run from ride to ride. It was wristband day and they got to ride all the rides at least once.
 Jt at the entrance to the 4-H county fair. This kid is fearless when it comes to carnival rides. He rode every adult ride there, and some a couple of times.
 Mercy and Jt riding a camel. This was the calmest ride they rode all evening.
Jt and Mercy on the ferris wheel.  He is her Hero.
Stacey and Jt on the ferris wheel. What a goofy smile.

Summer 2012

JT turned 7 on June 19th. He is a remarkable kid. Smart, handsome, and has a great sense of humor.
We are so proud of him. Happy Birthday Sweetie!
 Jt's turned 7 on June 19th. He asked Memaw for a set of golf clubs.
 Jt's 1st golf outing after receiving his new golf clubs for his birthday.
Mercy accompanied JT on his 1st golf outing. She had already purchased her clubs off Craig's list.

Monday, April 2, 2012

8 Years Ago

8 years ago, April 7th 2004 I became a grandma for the 1st time to this beautiful young lady. Hard to believe she has grown so much. She is a memaw's baby girl no matter how old she is. She is my pride and joy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mercy started gymnastics in November. She goes once a week for an hour. She has really improved from those 1st weeks. She has great form and desire to do well. She really loves this activity. She does seem to be a natural at this.

January has been a busy month. Jt had his 1st Tae Kwon Do match. He does pretty well. At this age they are amusing. He was so proud of himself as was his grandma. He is learning so much. We have another match in April in Indy. Should be fun!